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What is sugaring?

Starting around 1900 BC, we can thank the Persians for the sweetest and most ancient method of hair removal. Beginning as a mixture of oil and honey, the sugaring technique slowly gained popularity throughout the middle east, eventually evolving into the simple concoction of sugar, lemon juice and water we use today.

The thickened sugar paste is applied with the hand in the opposite direction of hair growth and peeled off in the direction of hair growth. Removing hair in its natural direction of growth prevents the breakage and ingrown hairs that are often associated with waxing.

While you may experience some discomfort in the initial appointment, there is no need to worry about live skin cells being taken with the hair thanks to sugars’ natural, simple ingredients, meaning you should experience little to no tenderness after an appointment. As you continue to get regular sugaring, hair follicle walls begin to break down and eventfully disappear, which means hair grows back finer and sparser, making each appointment easier then the last!

More questions about the sugaring method? Head to our FAQ page or contact Melody at 250-881-4645 or email Sugar Muffin.

For the Body

No more shaving for you!

Melody and Sugar Muffin will provide you with the best, long-lasting answer to ridding you of body hair for weeks to come. Truly your full body solution – so much better than shaving!


For the Face

Have a moustache, uni-brow or emerging beard that’s getting you down?

Melody and her sure-fire fast and gentle sugaring are exactly the answer to whatever pesky facial hair you’re looking to manage.


Perfect Combos

Got a hot date? Heading to the beach?

Melody has you covered! Sugar Muffin offers great combo packages to take care of those strategic regions all at once.


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About Melody

I’m a registered esthetician who loves to sugar sugar sugar. My favorite part about my job is making cool connections and having fun conversations will lots of awesome people while making all their hairless dreams come true. My main goal is always to make sure clients feel comfortable and at ease in every service!

Pop in for some sugaring and I’ll make your hair removal service as fun and easy going as hair removal can be!

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