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Q: What’s the difference between Bikini and Brazilian?

A: For a bikini, we’ll clean up just the sides and top of your bikini line, anything that would show while wearing a bathing suit. A Brazilian is the removal of all pubic hair, although if you like, we can leave a strip of hair.

Q: I am prone to ingrown hairs. Will sugaring prevent this?

A: There are a few basic things you can do to reduce and get rid of ingrown hairs. First a foremost, exfoliate! Using a natural bristle body brush, exfoliating cloth or brush, or body scrub two to three times per week you’ll keep dead skin cells from trapping new hair growth under your skin. The second step is to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. A good rule of thumb is, whenever your skin gets wet (after every shower or bath) moisturize.

If you find your ingrown are painful and pustoulous, add an antibacterial ingredient to disinfect and help draw out the bacteria.

Q: Should my hairs be long before coming for treatment?

A: For best results your hair should be a quarter of an inch long. In other words, 4-5 weeks between appointments or 2-3 weeks after shaving.

Q: Will it be painful like waxing?

A: Most people find that body sugaring hurts less than waxing, but it all depends on your own pain tolerance.

One thing to remember is waxing has resin that removes live skin cells along with hairs. Therefore, skin will likely be tender for days after a wax service.

Sugar is very gentle on skin and a sugared area shouldn’t feel sore after an appointment.

Q: How long should I wait between treatments?

A: For most services we recommend coming in every 4-5 weeks in order to have as much hair as possible growing at the same time. Timing may vary depending on your growth cycle and how long you’ve been sugaring.

Ask Melody for her recommendation on your next visit.

Q: My skin was a little bumpy and itchy after a treatment. Is this normal?

A: Most clients experience no irritation after an appointment, however, on rare occasions slight irritation may occur and should disappear within 24 hours.

If you experience hives you can try taking an antihistamine.

You can also apply a cold compress to the irritated area or use a soothing cream to alleviate the redness.

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